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 Generals (officer) Information

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PostSubject: Generals (officer) Information   Thu Feb 26, 2015 6:58 pm

Written by GreyGrimlee.


That gives you most of the information about Generals. This is what I suggest, dont bother getting a General if you cant level it up when you get it.

When you are looking for a General get one fo these Blake (Mili General), Mikhael (Mili General), Gunner Joe (Know General, one of the best Know generals in the game till the Halloween general came out), The Chief (Thanksgiving Mili general) Mecha Santa (Christmas military General) I would take Mikhael over Blake personally but I really do like Mecha Santa he was the best military general till The Chief came out. Only downer about the Chief is his know is low. I would go with Vlad Blunt if he is still out.....http://prntscr.com/6a7gkg.....At 5 stars he turns out to be 237. If the Halloween generals are not out anymore then I say safe save your diamonds for Easter because they may release new generals out then they didn't last year but I have high hopes.

When You do get it to level 100 before you Promote it keep training it till you have 28m exp on it. So that when you promote him/her it will have enough exp on it to reach level 100 so that you can keep using him for every day stuff.

Don't bother getting Training Plans and/or General Resume(s).

Generals are more expensive then Heroes but you pay for it over time. General=750 diamonds to get and max it out (not including skills and looking for the right general).
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Generals (officer) Information
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