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 Officer Training

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PostSubject: Officer Training   Wed Feb 25, 2015 5:34 pm

Written by GreyGrimlee


You can either do that to train your officers or you can do it the way I learned, my way eats more oil but you don't have much losses.

1st. find a group of NPCs that is in about 1-2 blocks away build a city or port a city your choice
2. Firepower Technology Armor Technology Ballistics Technology Fuel Engine Technology Medical Technology all to at least level 9 Ballistics is a must*
3. Plunder with 12 thousand (12,000) rockets, 17 thousand (17,000) SPGs with a military officer
4. Right after you send your plunder send your seize, 25 thousand (25,000) Armoured Vehicles (AVs are cheaper then Heavy Tanks), 15-20 thousand(15,000-25,000) rockets
5. your plunder hits and you should have 0 losses with the mili officer http://prntscr.com/68oa4ra friend of mine from Elite provided the battle reports
6. your seize is now in the city
7. I cant remember what round it is but have your rockets target the Hows first, once your rockets hit stop the Avs and the rockets around round 6 or 7, 8. once the hows are dead target the ATs, then the rest is easy pickings for your Rockets,
9. then repeat in 15 minutes after your seize finished the NPC should have refreshed by then.http://prntscr.com/68oc1f

Amendment made by Admiral Canaris

Used to do that, and, while its pretty effective, its pretty time consuming too, I suppose. If you're in a relatively quiet area and don't have much time, simply place whatever officer you want to train as mayor before your troops finish training. If the troops finish training overnight, put the officer as mayor and stack enough food if the food production is in the red. That's what I've been doing lately and its working for me. Watch out though- if an enemy wants to get your officer, it will be pretty &### easy to lose him/her.
- Admiral Canaris
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Officer Training
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