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 Taking a Mayor

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PostSubject: Taking a Mayor   Sun Mar 22, 2015 3:23 pm

Taking a Mayor:
This is something someone came up with on overlord.  Once you start they can't stop you from taking their mayor. You will need 53 officers 52 scout planes and the troops to take the city.
1. Send a 1 plane scout seize. This will locking that officer till the plunders hit.
2. Send 51 scout plunders. This will knock down the officer’s points so you can take them.
3. Send seizes to take the officer. Once all of the scout plunders are almost there strat your troops to get them there fast.
This is how it works, step 1 locks him in and gives you time to setup the plunders, the plunders will stack up and seize will be the last 1 in line. Then once the scout seize is over! All the plunders hit at once then the seize hit's. They can’t stop it
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Taking a Mayor
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