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 Officer Roles

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PostSubject: Officer Roles   Sun Mar 22, 2015 2:53 pm

Roles of an Officer
You need a solid core of officers in every city to help you run the game smoothly and navigate the difficulties of advanced play later on.  From your front line Military leaders to you’re at home Mayors, every officer has a purpose in this game, and that purpose is strongly tied to their Primary Attribute.  Officers are not built very well for multitasking and to put any of their potential points into an Attribute other than the main, just makes them weaker than they should be.  A general collection guide to collection per city is as follows: 1 Military officer, 1 Knowledge officer, and the rest political officers.
Recruiting Officers takes multiple forms. The most obvious being your military Institute.  In the beginning this will be your only reliable form of officer recruitment in the game.  In order to access 4-Star level officers, you need to get this building up to level 5, which I recommend doing as quickly as possible.  The officers in this building recycle every few minutes (about 15), so keep an eye on this building from time to time and eventually you will find what you looking for.  (New officers show on top and the bottom officer is kicked off).  Other forms of recruitment are favor of God and capturing.  By opening the Officer interface, you have the option of either Accepting or refusing them.  For the most part volunteers are mediocre and not worth keeping, but in very rare instances you might get on worth keeping.  The second set are captured officers.  You get these from seizing and plundering NPC’s, and other players.  This is also dependent on having an open officer slot in the city you are attacking from.  In the case of other players, this is a great way to get your hands on solid officers as when you lower their loyalty to a certain point, you can steal their mayor.

This officer is your bread and butter. Compared to the others two types, this is the officer you want in multiples.  They have two main uses: Mayor and Ransacker.  This is your go-to mayor.  Although you will occasion to appoint a Military or Knowledge officer in the slot, 95%of the time, Politics is the stat that you want most in a great mayor.  Your politics officer has 2 major bonuses in this capacity. 1) The higher their Politics score, the more the construction time of your buildings is decreased. 2) The higher the Politics score, the higher your resource output will be.
Secondly, your Politics officer is your go-to Ransacker, Ransacking is based on 3 main components, level of fields, length of ransacking (always go full 24 hrs) and the officer’s Politics level.  The higher it is, the more jewelry you will collect from ransacking.  This is important as you need to maintain steady ransacking in order to progress in the ranks.
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Officer Roles
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