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 Misfits Alliance Rules

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PostSubject: Misfits Alliance Rules   Sun Mar 22, 2015 7:46 am

Alliance Rules
1. Only the Overlord and his COS’s will decide war on any alliance.
2. If at any time you do not listen to a staff officer, they can/ will boot you from the alliance.
3. You are request you be active as possible, we have a 10 day inactive rule, if inactive more than 10days you can be booted, if you will be away for a longer period notify an COS of that fact. If booted for inactivity you can reapply by contacting any COS.
4. You can hit any city THAT IS NOT IN AN ALLIANCE to use as a farm for resources. You ARE NOT authorized to hit any player in other alliance (unless a designated enemy [color purple]),* this includes scouting enemy cities unless you have approval from a COS
5. DO NOT GIVE OUT ANY COORDS IN WORLD CHAT if you do you will be booted, World chat monitored by COS’s. (best policy stay out of World Chat)
6. You cities should be in or close to the alliance strongholds so that we can defend if you are attacked. New members exempt until they can obtain Advance relocation plan.
7. Provide your city(s) cords to Intel Officer within 36 hours of acceptance
8. Always check your mail before you start any daily missions (for intel updates)
9.-Any infraction of rules will result in disciplinary actions up to possible expulsion from the alliance depending upon severity of infraction(s) or noncompliance of rules.
*some alliances consider scouting their cities an act of war

Commanding Officer
(revised 2/28/15)
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Misfits Alliance Rules
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