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 Raising Personal Rank

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PostSubject: Raising Personal Rank   Thu Feb 26, 2015 7:24 pm

Written by our dear friend GeneralGrim around July 19th, 2013.

The Flying High mission is how you rank up in this game. You have to collect certain jewelry to achieve the next rank. To collect the jewelry you have to seize and ransack a particular field for the particular Jewelry.

For Platinum rings, agate pendants, and Obsidian Rings, you want Basins
For Gold Bracelets, jade necklaces, and sapphires you want mountains
For Gold Bracelets, silver rings, and emerald brooches you want swamps, forests, or Grasslands.

First, figure out what jewelry it is that you need for the next rank in the flying high mission. Then go to the resource field on the map that gives that type of jewelry out. First seize it, higher level fields produce better results, but you can seize any level you are comfortable with not loosing troops. Once you seize it, don't leave the seize army in the field, recall them and then dispatch 50 to 100 trucks with an officer that has a 60 or better political attribute. Then, once the trucks and officer get to the seized resource field, start ransacking it. The little message you get when you start ransacking will say that you can collect in an hour and results will not be any different after an hour that they are in 24 hours, but the max result will be in 24 hours. Well, wait the 24 hours. If you don't nine times out of ten you come up empty handed, have to abandon that field and move on to another. Which if when you collect a ransack and end up with 4 gold bracelets, 3 agate pendants, and 5 jade necklaces after 24 hours, and have to abandon and move onto the next field for more, it is better then coming up empty handed after only ransacking for an hour.
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Raising Personal Rank
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